A Gamer Christmas Tree

This year for Christmas I promised my husband Tynan a video game themed Christmas tree! With the help of some lovely friends and my hubbs(an a little bit of alcohol bribery), we made it happen in a really big way! The tree rocks 95% handmade ornaments. The majority are made with perler beads. The garland was made with a star shaped paper punch, a permanent marker, a sewing machine and lots of patience. The stockings were made from foam paper sheets cut to shape and hot glued onto an “L” shaped basic stocking that I threw together with a sewing machine. All of the perler patterns were inspired by patterns that we found all over the Internet, but I really couldn’t have done it without the help of my husband, and my friends Kalli and Kaine. We originally posted one image on Reddit( and we made it to the front page!! Eeeep!), but I figured I would give people the full post and more photos since this seems to be flying all over the Internet now :)