The Berry Brood

I have a feeling I've never seen a sweeter bunch in my whole life! On a snowy morning in March, the Berry family invited me into their adorable home for their family session, and let me tell you with the snow and those fantastic windows, it had some of the most gorgeous light I could have ever hoped to have. To top it off, Ashley and Nick have two of the cutest, most loving boys I've ever seen. This little family just exudes love for each other, so much so that it'll melt your heart. For that exact reason it was nearly impossible to pick a reasonable number of photos for this blog post, I mean really I could have easily made it three times longer! Their session was filled to the brim with smiley babies, toddler antics, and even a little candy bribery ;) Oh and I can't forget to mention that immediately after we booked our session, I ordered myself a 35mm 1.4, and I had soooo much fun using it for the first time on these guys. Worth it! I'm officially in love, best decision ever, no regrets, why did I do this sooner!? Okay okay nothing I can say will prepare you for this wild, a-day-in-the-life cuteness... so go! Scroll down already!