About Lexi XD Photography


The girl behind the camera

My name is Alexandra Mapes O'Brien. People call me Lexi, or Alex(I'm fine with either!). I am a 29 year old friend maker, photo taker, craft lover, coffee addict, and life liver, among many other things. I grew up in Lincoln Nebraska, and currently reside in the lovely little town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 

One of the most important things to me is actively focusing on what kind of person I want to be in this life, and I think that applies here more than anywhere else! Treating others with kindness and respect, making every interaction meaningful, having lots and lots fun, keeping things interesting, nourishing my weirdness(yeah I'm a little weird), and having a positive impact on others, are all aspects of my daily life that I find not only important, but essential. There are so few minutes in this life, and none should be wasted, all should be treasured, and that is why photography has taken root in my heart.

I have been photographing special moments, beautiful couples, weddings, families, seniors and more since 2009, and haven't stopped since! 

What are my priorities as a photographer?

First and foremost my priority is always my clients' trust and comfort. I always make it my goal to be as easy going, open minded, and as flexible as possible. I am willing to work with you in a number of ways to help you, your family, fiance, husband, wife, little ones and/or friends, get the most out of our time together! Just ask, I am willing to brainstorm, share my experiences, make suggestions, take charge, or just go with the flow, but I really love nothing more than making my clients' photo related dreams come true!

Like I said earlier, I am a friend maker. I can't help it! There simply aren't that many people in this world that I don't like. What this really means is that I already feel naturally comfortable hanging out with you, and at the end of the day I want you to feel comfortable working with me.  I want to make you laugh(although I really am terrible at telling jokes), and I love to get in on the action and become not just your photographer, but a positive part of your day. How do I do it? If I spot an irresistible ray of sunshine on your wedding day, I'll do whatever I can to take you to it. If your wedding guests are dancing like crazy, I might just start dancing with them to get that memorable action shot! Does your two year old love nothing more than sprinting away from you to go exploring? I'll be running right along with them, adventuring and rolling in the dirt. This photography thing is fun for me, and I'll try like hell to make it fun for you too! 

The gist of it.

The gist of it is that choosing the right photographer for you is everything. These are your moments, this is your time, this is your one life, and having the wrong person there to capture it won't do you any favors. I always encourage potential clients to do the research and make sure you've found someone you really love. Your photographer should not only reflect your style, but your way of life. They should be someone who you feel good about having around, someone whose vision you trust, and someone who only contributes positively to your moment. For you, if that someone sounds like me, then I am super pumped to hear from you! I love your face!